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tv   [untitled]    September 1, 2014 3:00am-3:31am PDT

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that? >> and the police conditions? >> and the police conditions, yes, of course. >> [inaudible] >> can i get a second? >> i will make a second. >> great. thank you. since it is with the commission i believe that the permit holder has completed a written security plan and handed that in so i would like to strike condition number 11 and we were talking about running the business and being able to check on it and so forth and i am wondering about the permit holder agreeing to post an educational poster inside the venue about pick pockets. i think that should be their choice to do so instead of like a condition of their permit. i think they will do that after reading that and having this discussion, but i'm not sure it's something that we should so i would like to strike that one as well if i could.
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do you accept that? >> that's cool. >> great. >> sorry. >> if i didn't harass you over what you hand in it wouldn't be the commission. >> all right. so the motion is approve the permit with the good neighbor policy as well as the police condition striking nine and 11. on that motion. commissioner perez. >> aye. >> commissioner akers. >> aye. >> commissioner joseph. >> aye. >> commissioner lee. >> aye. >> commissioner frost. >> aye. >> vice president hide. >> aye. >> good luck. >> thank you. >> all right so the next one is another avery parker permit. this one is for limited live performance permit at dante's table on castro street. the restaurant has been there for over a year and they would like to add music, cabaret jazz for the diners and they have a patd
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patio in the back and would like to have brunch out there and conditions are in your binder. >> hi. i am one of the oarns of dante's table and i'm not sure what i am supposed to say. >> it's great to hear why you're applying for this permit and how you hope to use it and what kind of neighborhood outreach you have done around this permit. >> okay. as you know that castro street has been under stake by the construction and we are barely surviving as most of the businesses are. i mean it's been a very tough situation and
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much, much worse than first indicated to us. this is an attempt to bring in more customers. we have reached out to all the other businesses to let them know what we're planning. this isn't a situation where we're going to be doing loud music. we are not planning to do djs. we want nice dinner type music particularly in the evenings during the dinner hours. we want to have on occasion probably monthly cabaret but again nothing outrageous, nothing loud. we are very aware of what our neighbors are feeling. we are trying to keep in touch with what they want and what they don't want. we're planning to do something during our brunch hour but again probably non amplified. we already have music so i don't think we are really asking for anything that's going to be
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disruptive to the community. >> and have you done outreach like to the castro business association? >> yes, i talked to the businesses in the neighborhood, around the neighborhood. i called scott wiener's office twice inform him i wanted to do this and hoping for his support on this. so i don't know i mean that's about what i have done. >> okay. do you have any documentation or proof that you doesn't the neighborhood outreach? >> yeah, max, the other owner, max tocarev who isn't here today who is on vacation i believe he has the documentation and working with cammy too. >> yes. he did submit. there is one letter in the pack get we received a second one for some reason didn't find end up in the packet that i am trying to find out now from the castro
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merchants association. >> yeah. >> thank you. >> my only question have they given you any idea when it's going to end, the construction? >> it clearly depends on whom you ask. you ask some of the -- i'm sorry. >> >> [inaudible] >> sidewalks. >> are you talking about the sidewalk construction? it really depends who you ask. supervisor wiener came last week and said that all of the planks that are leading up to each business would be down by august 13. they are not. it has been one -- to be honest one deception after another. you ask some of the older workers that have been on many, many projects and i have heard over and over again this is one of the mismanaged projects they have been on. >> i tend to agree. i was just curious. >> yeah.
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>> i am curious to know for the record what percentage your business is down? >>i have owned it since january and i looked at previous records. we're probably down to 30 or 40% and this is august which is one of the biggest months. >> thank you. >> any other questions from the commission? all right. you can have a seat. >> thank you. >> okay. officer parker you're up. >> great. no foul language this time. okay. dante's table is located at castro street and an italian restaurant open for dinners only and brunch on the weekends. >> >> i think that the llp will be beneficial to their business. i believe that there's an
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atmosphere that it will provide an ambiance and in addition to the dining experience and i think he's right about the construction. it's just horrible, and it's unfortunate that the businesses are suffering for it for a mismanaged project. that's an aside and nothing to do what we're here for. mission station has again put together some pretty vanilla conditions which you shouldn't strike any of which, and we support their application. >> thank you. do we have any questions for officer parker? >> [inaudible] >> neapolitan. >> okay. do we have any public comment on this application? seeing none. [gavel] the matter is with the commission. do i have a motion for this application? >> i would like to make a
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motion to approve the permit with one change to the vanilla conditions specifically number two. i don't have my glasses on but essentially to alter after the comma -- after san francisco police department the applicant shall agree to turn down the sound level as determined by the entertainment commission to the level determined by the entertainment commission. >> so i wanted to ask -- >> did i say that correctly. >> do you have that's in front you? if sound complaints are received and delivered by the san francisco police department the applicant shall agree to turn down the level to the acceptable level agreed by the san francisco police department.
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>> so i think the most reasonable way to manage that condition is you don't require a sound test unless complaints are lodged and then at that time we would send out the inspector and set a level and typically not part of the process but in the event there are complaints we will do that. >> all right. let me try this over again so i would like to make a motion that we approve the application with an adjustment to condition number two if complaints are received by the san francisco police department, the entertainment commission staff will come out and perform a sound check and set a standard sound for the business. >> good job. i second. >> all right. so can we have a roll call. >> okay. on the conditions of the good neighbor policy and adjust to the sound complaints received and delivered by the police department, the
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entertainment commission will conduct a sound test and set limits. do i have that right? commissioner perez. >> aye. >> commissioner akers. >> aye. >> commissioner joseph. >> aye. >> commissioner lee. >> aye. >> commissioner frost. >> aye. vice president hyde. >> aye. >> good luck. >> next is we received an email to move to september 16. >> i move that to sept 16. >> i second that. >> this is daniel hawkins and actually ryan is here, his bar manager. they are apply other for a mechanical amusement device and on 16th street. they had several mechanical amusement device for years and now coming into compliance and you will find letters of support and
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mission station has no objection to this permit. >> come on up brian. >> hello. >> hi. >> so you're getting a mechanical amusement device, huh? >> yes. >> do you want to tell us about it? >> we have six machines in the back of the bar and that's about it. we have a pacman machine up front. >> okay. great. you can have a seat. >> okay. thank you. >> it's a big night for you. >> it usually is. okay. so i sent ahead the recommended approval on the mechanical amusement devices because they had them for a hundred years and i think it's a great way for the commission to have a foot in the door to enforce the good neighbor policy. with that
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being said it was brought to my attention that abc has done several under cover operations where they have bought narcotics from the door person at gestalt haus and served a search warrant on june 19 on gestalt haus and serving a 30 day suspension up and coming, so it's nice to see them coming into compliance. it would nice to see them following all of the laws, and lastly i'm not quite sure why and i don't know if this is the forum for it but when abc requested that the arrestees employment rerds there -- records there were done.
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none and i don't know why that happens and with that said i love pin ball and ms. pacman and i challenger any of you and i think it's a great way to keep. > entertainment commission in the threshold to enforce the good neighbor policy. >> thank you. do we have any public comment on this? come on up. >> hello my name is eric wagoncenter. i would like to express my support for gestalt haus petition to allow pin ball machines. as a competitive player in san francisco i like to see my hobby becoming more pob lar. we had the opportunity to speak before the commission about a month and a half ago and it's going well. the staff and management has been friendly to the pin ball community in san
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francisco. they welcome us, made a nice space for us in the back so we can have space by ourselves. my wife and i like to go in and enjoy a sandwich and beer on the weekends. we would like to have a tournament there occasionally, maybe four times a year if the permit comes through and if management is amenable to that and we hope the commission looks favorably on their petition. thank you. >> okay. thank you. >> [inaudible] >> got it. thank you. okay. is there any other public comment on this application? seeing none. [gavel] the matter is with the commission. do i have a motion? >> i would like to make a motion to approve the application. >> i second. >> great. on the motion to
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approve with the good neighbor policy. commissioner perez. >> aye. >> commissioner akers. joe disbroa. >> aye. >> commissioner lee. >> aye. >> commissioner frost. >> aye. >> vice president hyde. >> aye. >> all right. congratulations. >> okay. so the last permit of the evening would be peter williams doing business as as yoshi's at 1330 fillmore street and a major amendment. yoshi's is some of the same people that's why we're asking for a major amendment to this permit so with that we will bring them up to tell you more. >> hi everybody. i am peter williams and the artistic director at yoshi's and this is brad one of the managing directors and you probably have questions for us. i don't know. >> so you're taking over the
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-- are there changes that you're making? are there new formats? there is only one microphone so have to share. >> we're making changes. the name will change. let restaurant will change. there will be no more music in the restaurant. it's a restaurant and there shouldn't be music in the space. we pulled the stage out. that's taken care of hip hop and dj shows no more will continue there. we have a beautiful music room and that's where the music will be and the focus will be. >> just to add to peter's point we're investing in capital improvements to the ground floor of the level of the restaurant and make it impossible to continue the music events in there since the space is where
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the stage used to with in regard to the improvements and other arrangements with the restaurant floor that would make it a dedicate restaurant location and make it impossible to continue those operations. >> great. do we have any questions? >> can i ask what you're changing the name to? >> we don't have a name yet. >> you're not affiliated -- is yoshi's in the east bay. you're not affiliated with them anymore? >> we're new owners but i worked there for years and i opened the san francisco room and spent my time in oakland after that. >> so it's not a major amendment because it's completely new owners? >> no. it's [inaudible] owner and the owner of the space and the developer of the property, michael johnson. he's a part of
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the operation so that's why we consider it a major amendment. >> got you. can you tell me how you're going to modify your security plan? i mean what are you going to do different this time than the time before? >> in addition to limiting what we call the biggest issue in regards to security being the parties in the front we have advocate door staff. we're actively pursuing a dedicated club manager whose only role is to survey the event space when we have larger shows. in addition when we have the larger shows we employ services outside security guards to assist us with our internal door staff. >> so you're going to have door staff are your employees and in addition you will hire security? >> on select showses we expect sell outs or a large number of people we will use our
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discretion to implement other security and we have door staff and looking to hire one more club manager immediately effective the beginning of the month or september. >> got it. so you told us the shows you're not going to v can you give us examples of showings you will have? >> we will do jazz, neno hip hop and african bands and sal swra and those things and i have a list of things we don't do and i mentioned a few. >> okay. thank you. >> commissioner lee. >> on your application you say four security guards. so the restaurant is just a restaurant but let's say it's new year's eve and the whole place is rented or usable and the capacity is 760. i don't see
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the police conditions either. >> [inaudible] >> i think we're not really going by what you're writing for security if it's adequate and have for example new eve -- new years eve event. >> in that case we would pass along the responsibility on the purchaser of the venue to provide security upon approval all or in conjunction with that sum plement with our own staff, but security is our number one priority, our number one issue and we will definitely work with them to implement our plan and have a good relationship with outside security companies. >> but i should add that the restaurant is just a restaurant. there is no music, dance events
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anymore because we don't want that. >> i understand. just there's food and whatever and there's still drinking in the restaurant during the activities even though there is no dancing there is still people. >> right. >> i have -- >> commissioner joseph. >> i have a question for staff. so when we permi permitting yoshis we're doing the whole place. >> you could. i'm not sure it's advisable as a business proposition but we haven't done it historically in this commission. what we have done is allow a business to operate hopefully responsibly and then have them use their space as they see fit. >> i wasn't suggesting that we do that. i was curious to see if we could. thank you. >> if i could also just in
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terms of community outreach i know in the past yoshis was not big on community outreach. we have a person working with us to make sure we're reaching into the community. we're actually for a lot of the renovations we're been doing we're hiring local people out of the fillmore people to paint and plumbers and important to work with the community. we will do fundraising events and we're committed to that in this venture. >> and we have some things with the westerneld igz and pac. is that correct? >> i'm sorry. i don't know what that is. >> it says here neighborhood contacts. have you met with neighborhoods or groups and proposed use of premise disps if
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so list the groups. you have three listed here. is it true and saying this is what we're doing? >> we reached out to those people and identified other key stakeholders we connected i have at community outreach consultant who is a fillmore resident. >> because the concern is not really like often with say a hotel. they went out and planted flowers and stuff like that which doesn't talk about the idea of what the face is going to be used for and what this permit applies to and we want to make sure that the applicant goes out and talks about what the permit is about. have you done that? >> with those members listed on the application they're fully aware of what we're proposing. >> great. are there other
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questions? okay great. you can have a seat. >> thank you. >> do we have a member of -- >> northern station did submit conditions. it should be in your packet. >> i don't have any. >> it looks like this. it's kind of unusual for a police commission. >> in the back? >> yes. >> i don't see them. >> would you pliend -- >> no, i can read it to you. northern station has no problem with the application and by the security listed and maintain good neighbor policy. no dj or miewivelg in the restaurant space and all in the performance venue only as stated in the application. >> okay. and you have seen those? okay. great. so do we have any public comment on this
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application? >> this is more than just a public comment. i am part of the community. let me start by stating i am in support of this and under conditions and i understand that's what you're all about and i observed yourself and i have several parallels asserted but two minutes i'm not going to do that so you count me as a community and give me enough time to make my presentation -- no, hold on soldier -- excuse me. listen e here you have demonstrated and i recorded here. first of all you went out of contents and slide on the situation by not asking these people who i call perpetrators because neither one of the people are owners, stock owners and the guy that said he's going to [inaudible] i never seen him before want i know peter when he bought it the first time and stop them in the track because of a racial
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situation at yoshis and the 20th anniversary and no blacks there and i stopped them cold and redevelopment and i'm getting emotional. i in support of this but i request that you delay it now because there is a meeting in city hall. i call it silly hall on friday with michael johnson, the owner and some of the investments there, the real shakers and movers. i don't know what is going on there. i don't know what is in the police report and nobody from the police department and check the records on how many times they were called and you the see about 15 times and ace on the case been arrested and falsely charged. i am emotional here. i came to support this and michael johnson is not here and why i came. i am appalled. i use that in all my -- i am appalled where the people feel confident and cocky that they
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can run through the system and not going through it like everybody else. not with ace on the case. >> thank you. i'm sorry you have two minutes just like everyone else. >> [inaudible] >> i'm going to ask you to have a seat right now. >> i'm not an individual. i'm not an ordinary. i am extra ordinary and my name is ace. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. no, no ace listen here. >> is there other public comment available? come on up. >> [inaudible] ask you respectfully to speak to you all because the procedure is beyond the pail. >> we're not allowed. >> [inaudible] >> ace, we are not allowed. >> [inaudible] >> okay. ace, we are prohibited to give anyone more time than we give anyone else. >> [inaudible] >> but thank you so much and --
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>> [inaudible] come and make -- the first guy first one and whoever and go on and on -- >> okay. public comment -- >> [inaudible] >> no, no, no -- [inaudible] is going on here. i call it silly hall and i am witnessing right now. [inaudible] how can this man come here and these are not the owners. i can show you the owners. this is michael johnson here and happens to be a black man and you're going tell me [inaudible] in our community. they're going to close up -- [inaudible] know nothing about that. now i am meeting with them on friday and i am totally appalled. [inaudible] call the chief. you don't have to put your hands on me. next thing you will put a gung on me because i'm a black man. jesus christ. i was here calm and
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waiting to speak for two minutes. >> [inaudible] >> hold on. back up. on a police hot dog? my name is ace. i have been on this case. i was born and raced in the [inaudible] and these people came to our community and ripped us off. you don't even ask about the outreach. i am the outreach of the community and now you're going to do this to me. i ask you respectfully don't have no kind -- give a permit. excuse me. what are you doing? don't do that to me. you act silly. [inaudible] you know what? this is a new era -- [inaudible]. what are you going to do arrest me? what are you going to do shoot me? [inaudible] don't touch me. go
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back to training. you're the type of person -- all wrong. it's wrong. [inaudible] >> turn his mic off. you can't? >> it's off. >> oh it is? >> [inaudible]


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